Frequently Asked Questions

How to register? How can I know I am accepted in the agency?

Fill in the « subscription » and join 3 pics of you (max 3 months old).

Do not send pic 2MB or more. It won’t be OK.

A window will confirm your request was sent and will advise you that an answer will be sent in case of positive subscription.

If no answer by 8 days, your subscription is unfortunately not accepted.

What's a good picture (for registration or keeping my file up to date) ?

Use a good cam, no smartphone, no webcam…

You must be alone on the picture (no family, no friends).

Try to have a neutral and clear background behind you.

Stay in front of the camera, open eyes.

No accessories, no tons of make up

I am now a model in the agency. What to do?

Firstly, you must keep your info up to date: tell us by mail about your new look (hair, tattoo,…) and send us regularly pics.

If no news during 6 months, the agency could erase your data.

And last but not least, be patient and wait for new project. We contact you when we have a real job or catsing for you (casting, shooting, TVC…).

We never know when we will contact you but we propose you to clients and be sure we do our best to give you happy work.

I go to casting. What to do ?

Except instructions from the booker, be cool, well prepared and knowing context and role.
Be natural, no excessive make up, no wax in the hair,…

Stylism will be done by the client. No worries.

What about payment & fee?

We pay models (on kid’s own blocked bank account) as soon as client pays the agency. The payment is generally done within 1 to 3 months.

One rule to know: you first receive fee for shooting and then copyrigths payment weeks or months after shooting fee and after we know the broadcasting/publication date.